About Honto Denki  

   Since year 2000 Honto Denki established on this business we are always actively in developing micro motor and reduction gear, in the mean time we are always taking on best quality and best service to clients. Continuously taking seriously on expanding every technical revolution, expanding every series to match on this business cycle’s product combination.

   Our product revolution is all come from market’s demand and we stand on best quality is all come from the support of clients, however, Honto will continuosly keep on technical evolution and expansion of product, we taking this mission statement to be the best feedback to markets.

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    Main Product  
   AC Motor, DC Motor, Speed Control Motor, Magnetic Brake Motor, Reduction Motor

    Service Targets  
   Machine-tool, Metal Processing, Electron, Food Industry, Printing, Carpentry, Paper Industry, Plastic Industry, Chemical,

   Rubber, Shoe Industry, Bag Industry, Car Manufactory, Package Machine and Other Automaticly Machine

    Contact us  
   Address:No.3, Gong 2nd Rd., Linkou District, New Taipei City 244, Taiwan


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