Types of AC Motor  

Induction Motor is use in
continuosly running

Induction motor has single phase and
3-phase type.

Two types of wiring which is lead wire and terminal box connection wiring.
Reversible Motor use in
positive and reverse running

Able to do instant revserse run, suitable for frequently run-stop, positive and reverse run.

Both lead wire and terminal box connection is available
Speed Control Motor

Separate and compose type of controller are available.
Multiple function ues with separate type.

Compose type use independent connection device, simplified wiring.
Electromagnetic Brake Motor
Motor still on brake when power is off.
Torque Motor
Motor will retain on certain torque.
Able to use voltage to control torque
speed's motor.
Other eletronic product
Able to do non-leveling speed control with separate and compose type of speed control device.

Eletronic-magnetic brake device is able to improve orientated accuracy.
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